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ICR Sheets

ICR sheets are the modern methods that use the latest technology available for data mining and data processing. With the advent of education and corporate culture data management is the biggest cost to the company. Employees change organizations but data records need to be kept for long time. Hence data capturing and maintenance has led to a new era of IT. Data needs to be collected and processed for human needs. These are widely used for Account Opening for any type of services like Banks, Credit Cards, Telecom, and Airlines. These data are discretely available and can come from any sources. Similarly for surveys data needs to be collected from different grades of the society. For student admission process and examination schedules and result declaration there is a huge process of data management. All these huge data generation and fast processing cannot be done manually as was previously done. In a country like India where data is so vast due to population we had to take into account faster process of data analysis for surveys, AOF, Examinations etc. ICR sheets are specifically designed exactly for the same. They run on high speed OMR/ICR scanners which read the data, photographs and signatures easily. As a result huge amount of data and images can be processed in a single file simultaneously. It reduces the monotonous job of giving the entry by data entry. A typical scanner can scan up to 10000 person record of both side pages in an hour. We supply high quality ICR sheets that can be customized according to the customer demands.


Size A4
Material Paper
Weight 100-105 Gsm
Features Smooth surface, Light weight, Water proof printing
Packaging Type Packet
Quality Best